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Customer Preparation

Please be certain that you have completed the following.  In the unlikely event where you have not prepared for us, additional charges may apply if we need to return to complete the template or install.

Please provide a 24-hour notice if you would like to reschedule.




Preparing for template:


  • Please finalize your selections of material, height of backsplash, edge profile, sink, and faucet spread.  If you are providing your own sink(s), we will pick it up during the time of your template, or you can make arrangements to have it delivered to our establishment.  Having the sink is necessary for beginning fabrication and for ensuring the accuracy of the cut-out (this excludes having a topmount sink as the cut-out* is completed on-site).  If you have a farmhouse/apron front sink, it must be installed before we can complete the template.


  • If you are purchasing new cabinetry, all base cabinets must be installed and level before we can complete the template.


  • All appliances should be in their rightful places before your template.  This is necessary to confirm accurate overhang and to avoid the inability of an appliance fitting within the given space.  If you have a cook/stove top, it is installed (by your contractor/builder) after the counter tops are installed and the cut-out* is made in the surface.




Preparing for install:


  • Please remove your existing counter tops.  The removal and disposal of the old counter tops are not included with the installation.  Please advise us in advance if you would like for our installers to provide this service at an additional cost (fees vary depending on the amount of square footage). 


  • If your appliances were not on-site for the template, please be sure to have them in place before the install.  Alterations may need to be made on-site to the counter tops to ensure that all appliances will fit correctly.


  • Please be sure to have your faucet on-site as all holes will be drilled during the install.  Please note that your plumber is responsible for the installation of your faucet.  If you have chosen a single bowl sink (e.g. d-bowl) or an unequal double bowl sink (e.g. 60/40) with a curved back, you will want to purchase a faucet that only requires a single hole. 


  • Please make immediate arrangements for a plumber (one can be referred to you upon your request).  We are not licensed to perform any plumbing services.  The plumbing to the sink will need to be disconnected before the counter top installation.  We highly recommend waiting a minimum of two hours before reconnecting the plumbing in order to not disturb the silicone and clips used to secure the sink.  As part of reconnecting the plumbing to the sink, you will need to have a strainer ready for your plumber.  Strainers are not included with our sinks and can be ordered upon your request.


  • Please note that we are not responsible for hooking up your dishwasher after the install is complete.  We do not drill holes in the bottom of your counter tops as this may jeopardize the integrity of the stone and increase the risk of breakage.  We recommend securing your dishwasher on both sides to the cabinet for maximum support.  You can find side mount kits available at your local hardware/home improvement store.

*Any cut-outs completed on-site cause a substantial amount of dust.  Our installers do their best to minimize the dust but we strongly recommend that you make all necessary arrangements beforehand, such as covering certain areas with plastic. 

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