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Frequently Asked Questions 

Q:  What kinds of projects can you do with stone? 


A:  We do commercial and residential projects of any size.  Our realm of work includes, but is not limited to, jacuzzi surrounds, outdoor areas, bar tops, fireplace surrounds, walls, and desks.


Q:  How can I receive an estimate?


A:  Please take a measurement of your existing counter tops, noting any changes to be made.  Make all the measurements as accurate as possible and be sure to indicate any special areas, such as curves or angles.  Provide your preferred color, backsplash, edge profile, and sink.  If you need us to remove your current tops, please let us know and we will include it into your quote.  All dimensions are subject to revision and the final project cost will be determined upon our own measurements.


Q: What are your normal lead times for template and installation? 


A:  We can go to your house or the job site to template within 1-2 days notice.  Once final selections have been made, installations are typically 7-10 days from the template.


Q:  Am I able to choose the actual stone that will be fabricated for my new counter tops?


A:  Yes!  This is something that we highly recommend.  We have an outdoor slab yard with an extensive variety of natural stones for you to make your selection.  You can also view out-of-stock materials from one of our fine suppliers; we will provide you with the necessary information to do so.  Your chosen stone is tagged with your name and delivered to us for fabrication.


Q:  Do you cut the stone at your establishment or send it out to a third party?


A:  We are a complete, full service fabrication shop.  All of our stone is cut and polished in-house by skilled fabricators with many years of experience.


Q:  What is an edge profile and how do I choose one?


A:  An edge profile is the shape of the surface's outline.  There are several types of edges to choose from and sometimes cost can be a factor to consider.  We happily offer 1/4 round, small bevel, and pencil for no charge.  You can view our edge profile section here.


Q:  How do I know, if needed, where the seam will be located?


A:  We can estimate where the seam will be applied once you have selected your final material.  The movement and pattern of your chosen stone contribute into determining a seam, as well as the shape and size of the counter top and area it is being installed.  Final placement of the seam location will be determined during the time of your template.


Q:  How often should I seal my counter tops?


A:  We strongly recommend re-sealing your natural counter tops every 6-12 months (engineered stone does not need to be sealed).  We seal your tops for you once in the end of your install and we also offer services to re-seal them for you in the future.  Another option is to do it yourself with a self-purchased sealer that you can find in our showroom or at any home improvement store.  Read our general care and maintenance section here to learn more.


Q:  Are there certain things that I should avoid putting on my new counter tops? 


A:  Granite is a very low-maintenance and heat-resistant material that simply needs a daily wiping.  You can use water and a non-abrasive cloth to clean your surface, and you can even place hot pans on it without damaging the stone.  Natural surfaces are susceptible to staining so promptly wiping up any spills is essential.  Leaving oil, wine, juice, or acids to sit can stain and etch your counter tops.  You can read more ways on how to maintain your tops here.


Q:  What are acceptable methods of payment?


A:  We gladly accept the following:  cash, checks, Master Card, Visa, Discover, and American Express.

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